Well, here we are in Houston. Our annual pilgrimage to attend to maintaining Tom's VA medical benefits.

While in Houston we stay with friends who also have a house in Merida, but need to work 2 more years before retiring so only visit their Merida home 2-3 times per year.

This time HIGH on my list of things to get was an ipad2. Not that I 'needed' it so much, as I just 'wanted' it. Now don't get me wrong, I can argue a strong case as to why I need the ipad2.

I'm having great fun with it. Quite novel this touch screen technology; in fact Tom held the netbook up to me last night to ask a question on how to do something and I kept touching the screen and couldn't figure out why it wasn't responding.

I haven't purchased any accesories yet not knowing just what I want to do with it! Well I did get a little quilted case with a strap to haul it around in. Tom, and our friends here keep admonishing me for not yet buying the screen protector; but geesh, 30USD for a screen protector!

Well, there's always tomorrow. There aer some cool fun things about ipad, and apple technology, but also some serious deficiencies. I will need more time to figure it all out.