ahhhhhhhhh, the tropics

So Sunday, being Sunday found us putzing around the house in our jammies, doing odd projects, reading, watching TV, cruisin the computer up until it was time to meet up with some friends for a lebanese restaurant lunch.  We did clean up and get out of the jammies prior to heading out!  In case you wondered!

We were totally stoked as this was a new place to us, and we had heard was fabulous, AND that it is better than our current favorite lebanese food place where we think the food is awesome.

So off we go, with route mapped out on our fab ipad2 in hand.  Made the incursion into foreign soil with little or no fuss or bother; probably almost as good as having a GPS. The new place is in area where we were a bit unfamiliar, although we've been to  places in the vicinity before. 

Lunch was indeed awesome, and some things were better than at our other place, and some things at our other place are better.  But this place also has bellydancers on Sunday afternoons at 3. Ummmm, definite bonus!

OK, so the new place is Habibis (habibi by the way, means darling, or dearest, or some endearment similar).  Our previous favorite is/was/is the Lebanese Club.  I haven't formed any opinion yet other than they are both fabulous.

Sundays are buffet days at both places, and both have fabulous range of choices and options.  And I did enjoy the belly dancers.

So, after this fabulous lunch we stopped by the super on our way home, picked up a few things we needed and some extra fruit to snack on.  We were planning a quiet evening at home, movie, snacks, maybe even a bit of a/c.

We're putting things away, and I noticed ants in Tatie, the cat's bowl, no big deal.  so I get a bigger bowl, put water in it and set his food down.  Rinse the old food and ants down the drain and decide to take the compost out.  Have my tour around the yard and return to wash up the dishes.  Then I notice ants filing past on the window ledge in front of me.  I start to follow,,,,the line thickens, they are all in and around my shopping bags that hang in the pantry, no big deal, toss the bags onto the patio, decide to wait for the ants to deisperse then shake the bags out.  Then I notice ants moving down the side of a cabinet, then up onto a high shelf where I have teapots displayed, then down behind the refri, then then, then,  So after about 2 hours we have 3 rooms destroyed, every tea pot, basket, and box had a colony, colonies starting in several paintings and pictures, under coat hooks, in a towel bar bracket, in the bag that holds the bags, dog food bucket, cat bowl, books, magazines, lordy lordy lordy,

I pull out the Orange oil stuff, Tom goes for the Home Defense.   We are killing machines!

Right now the place looks as if a bomb has been dropped,  we are in a holding pattern, waiting for movement........are there more?  can we restore order?

Ah the Tropics!  And the Tropics during the rainy season &%#*@%#^&*(#@!