Restaurant Review - el taco arabe - guilos

Merida has a multitude of restaurants,  the variety of specific cuisines are a bit limited, but there are LOTS of restaurants. 
Some very shishi and high end, some quite basic.  You can find good AND bad in both categories.

el taco arabe gets 5stars from us for what it is - A damn good taco, fine guacamole, good service, and icey cold beer.

We have a few favorite taco places; one of them is El Taco Arabe - Guilos. 
Calle 35 #400 x 41 y 20 Fracc. Las Brisas

This is what the facade looks like!

Lots of seating outside, and more inside. 
The walls inside are scribed with greetings and reviews from many visitors.

Here's the menu!

The beer is icy cold, the prices are good, the service, especially if you get Gabriel, is fabulous!  Their guacamole is awesome,  the grilled onions are fabulous.  What makes these tacos so special is that they use a flour tortilla instead of corn, the tortillas are light, thick, uber yummy, and the crema de ajo,  OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!   What more could you ask for!
Why friends to share a meal with - of course!