American Labor Day in Mexico!

Living here in Mexico we frequently forget about the USofA holidays.  And that today is Labor Day would have passed us by with nary a thought were it not for the fact that our friend Doug is in town for a short visit;   Although he must still work - virtually - while here.

However, as today is Labor Day, he has the day off - so what better way to pass a few hours than in a bar having a few beers with friends!

And what better place to have those beers than walking distance from your house at your neighborhood bar!

is located at the corner of calles 69 y 72 in Centro.

La Ruina is called a 'Bar Familiar' which means it is of suitable atmosphere for the women and children.  Whereas the seedier and more recklass "Cantinas" are male dominated bastions of ???

Well I don't know what they are bastions of,  but as I was told shortly after moving here "Nice" women don't go in to Cantinas.

Well, we sure as heck go into a Bar!

Happy Labor Day People!