butterfly garden

Recently Jonna and I were discussing gardening stuff and she was lamenting caterpillars and the damage they were doing in her garden.  I on the other hand have planted my garden to attract birds and butterflies.

Probably since I have a quite large garden I don't notice the sacrifice to foliage caused by the feeding caterpillars whilst they make their way to becoming beautiful butterflies.

Butterfly season is now waning, but while it was is full bloom my garden would shimmer and undulate and erupt into a frenzy as I or the dogs would take our many daily constitutionals.

I tried many times to take photos, but there was just too much activity - it was phantasmagorical out there!

This stone wall would sometimes have 30 butterflies resting on it.  Sometimes you couldn't even see them they were so well camoflaged.

there were Sulphurs, Whites, orange one, blue ones, Skippers, Fritilaries, so many....