Foreign vehicles in Mexico

Once again, the rumors surounding the importation of Foreign vehicles are swirling.  A new decree, that affects vehicles coming in SINCE June of 2011, NOT before June 2011 is what has caused this recent hoopla!

Friend Steve wrote an excellent post on these new regs which you can read here,  he covers the topic fairly well!
His previous post on the 'old' rules, under which I, and MY car fall is here!
If you choose to read Steve's posts, continue on through the Comments and Answres,  very interesting info and scenarios!

Anyway,  just to be sure: We went with our friend Maggie C. to the customs office at the airport on Tuesday. We asked Maggie to go along so there would not be any misunderstandings, (she is Mexican and has no questions about her comprehension, unlike me, well about my comprehension, not hers!) in regards to the new decree that was passed mid June this year and how it would affect us and our Taurus.

The customs office at the airport doesn't handle vehicle issues and we were directed to the office in Progreso.
(That answered my question as to why people didn't just go to the airport and not all the way to Progreso!)
Anyway, the individual there at the airport customs office gave us the main customs office number in DF so that we could call and speak to them directly about this issue.

Maggie contacted them Wednesday and just reported that anyone that has a foreign plated vehicle legally in the country, brought in prior to mid June this year, will continue on as in the past and as long as the visa documents are in order then the car permit is in order. We do not need to make any notifications.

I'm still not 100% confident - but am willing to go with the flow! 
I sort of feel like I need to submit the letter to Aduana in DF, but they say no on the phone!