My Kitchen Mural - a work in progress!

Friend Viviana is an artist, with a fabulous eye and talent.
She, like her art is full of color, shadow, and whimsy.

Her characters make me smile.
In fact I think they make everyone smile, how can they not.

This is a character she recently posted on facebook,
how can you not smile when you see this!

I recently decided I needed something of hers, something fun, happy, cheerful, whimsical.

I had Viviana over and we sat and chatted about what I wanted, she took photos, made measurements, and went away.

A few days later she sends this!

Here are left and right closeups

I am thrilled.

Here she is working; the sketches have been traced, and she is now starting to paint.

She spent 3 nearly 8 + hour days painting!

Here are the shots of my new mural, in progress!

almost finished

tomato splat

the banner

I'm just tickled with the mural.  It adds so much interest to my kitchen.
mil gracias vivi!