my new molcajete

Not to long ago on one of Erich of's videos, Brent of Remixto fame was demonstrating how to make tacos de arracherra.  As part of this demonstration he was making a salsa in a molcajete.  Now his salsa is very familiar to me as it is one I make frequently.  Although I either mince the ingredients, or use the food processor, depending on the application.

I love Brent's molcajete, It is big and shallow, and does not include a pig face! and since I know he shops at the big mercado frequently I decided to head over to see if I could find one just like it!       I couldn't!

I did find, and buy this nice big heavy molcajete -

which required me to taxi home rather than walk, this thing must weight 15/20lbs.

Well, Today I decided to make guacamole for a house warming I am going to tonight.  I put the molcajete in the kitchen by the sink, and started roasting off the veggies I need, 1 serrano chile, 3 lg cloves garlic, 2 med tomatoes, 1/2 medium onion, I also prepped juice of 3 limes, 2 haas avacados, salt, and cilantro.

I started with the serrano, then added the onion, and then started adding the charred tomato halves one at a time.  I muddled, I twisted, I pounded, I scrapped, until I thought my shoulder was gonna come loose - I then brought the food processor in, sat it next to the molcajete, transferred all the stuff, whizzed it for a few seconds, and VOILA!  Guacamole.

Anyone want to buy a molcajete - Like New!