iPad2 update, UPDATED

So if you read my previous post you know that I had to turn my less than 5mth old iPad2 in for replacement.

I called this AM about 11:30 and was told that the replacement wasn't in, and that No, they didn't know when or if it would be. Now I must point out that the guy I had worked with, and asked for was 'Busy' so this info came from someone else.

I called again about 1:45 and was put through to My Service Guy, Jose Luis - SHAZAMMMMM
my iPad2 is in, and I can pick it up before 2, or after 4. I hit the road!

My replacement iPad2 is busy charging right at this moment, and in a few hours I will start all over with the whole initialize and setup procedure, so stay tuned, check back, fingers and toes crossed!!!!!