My iPad2, an update!

There's an Apple in Merida!

An Apple Authorized Service Center that is! -

The Store is called Avante,

and this is their web link

I was just there! The staff were all friendly, and many of them speak English. Well at least as well as I speak Spanish, so most anyone with some Spanish can work it.
You've got to be able to help out some!

I can't take credit for this discovery, Barry and Yesenia found it -
Barry told me, now I'm telling you!

The map on their web link is pretty good, but for more concise directions write this down;
calle 23 x 16 y 18 #107B, Col Chuburna. Since most everyone knows where CostCo is here in Merida that is where I'll start - if you are heading North on Technologia you make a U turn at the retorno right at the CoctCo, Now the instructions will be the same if you are coming South on Technologia, You make a Right on 23A, go till you get to the stop sign, then make a Right, then at 23 go Left, The store front is on the Right just at the corner by the Stop Sign - this is what it looks like.

Now for the sad news, sort of! My iPad2, that I got in July while in Houston, is being replaced. I'm not sure I'm happy. First, they have to keep it in order to get me the replacement, so I am Ipad-less right now. While waiting and pondering my decision I sat and emailed myself a bunch of stuff from the iPad, Notes, Photos, etc. Then I did a RESET - sort of like a computer FORMAT command -I hope - to erase all my personal info.

Now that I am home, the note things I sent made it - but no photos came???Did I not give them enough time between sends, who knows, the photos are gone!

I probably should have come home with it, tried to sync it all to my computer then erased it, but the last time I tried a sync the iPad to the computer the iPad froze - I could turn it off, couldn't get any response when once again attached to the computer. Finally after letting it sit for 24 hours I got it started by doing a hard reboot, which involved three things pushed simultaneously for some determined length of time. Of course I lost all my stuff.

In telling Tom about the event I was telling him, This is what I think happened, and what I think will be happening...He hates that kind of stuff, but hey, I am trying to conduct business in Mexico with knowing proper Spanish!

So what I think is - They can't repair the iPad, It's under warranty, I'll get a new one, an English one, should be in tomorrow, or Monday, maybe Tuesday, call him to check if its here/there!

Lots of people ask me if I LOVE the iPad. No, I don't love it, I do like it quite a bit. I probably would prefer an iPhone, or iTouch, now that I know what I know. The iPad is great if you travel alot. But for everyday carryin around it gets heavy, and bulky. And I do like the everyday carryin around part.