irrigation system installation - Day 1

Over a year ago I started talking about putting in an irrigation system.  It takes a bit over an hour to water the back garden with the hose.  Then there is the small garden outside the kitchen as well as the pots around the patio and pool.  Oh, and the small garden out front.  So you can see how, especially during the dry season this could take up quite a bit of time.  I actually enjoy the watering, most times, but sometimes not!

And 'so what' you might think, she's retired, what else does she have to do - Plenty! I have plenty to do!

Anyway, I can't now remember where I saw the ad, but I contacted Randy, from Natural Thangs - he came out looked the place over, and offered me an estimate.

Tom and I tend to be do-it-yourselfers. Some say we're a bit controlling and want want things done the way WE want them done!  Yes, I'd have to agree on that.  We are also organized and plan things out.  In fact about a year ago I measured out the garden and started a layout for where heads should go for coverage etc.  I just didn't know how to measure the water pressure to know length of line and run, etc. Without that knowledge how could I plan properly head placement, etc. So, I sort of sat this plan off and forgot, well I didn't forget, I just didn't follow through.

So back to Natural Thangs, I saw an ad, or comment, or photo, or something and gave them a call.

Randy - came, we talked over price, we struck a deal, a very loose deal.  We didn't follow our own counsel to others.  Get a detailed estimate and outline of exactly what is to be done. Nor did he provide a 'Design' for the sprinkler layout - but hey - TIM (This is Mexico) Things roll a bit differently here.   Add to that we gave him nearly 2/3 payment up front - again, against our counsel to others; 1/3 up front, 1/3 at halfway point, and 1/3 upon happy ending.

Anyway, Randy and his guys, 3 instead of the 2 he quoted, One guy for free?   Doubtful! all show up this AM ready to rock n roll.

So Randy and 3rd guy, Renee I think, start talking about heads and coverage, and how much of this that and the other thing.  They check the pressure of the water coming out of the hose, chat some more and then head out to buy their supplies.

Talking with Randy, we, Tom and I ask questions about stuff, what's he doing here, how's he doing that - he keeps saying he's a professional and has lots of experience and to trust him!  OK! That's why we're not doing it ourselves right?!

So the worker guys are trenching - the boss man is shopping - and I am sittin back, fat, dumb, and happy!

before trenching
They did get a fair amount done - check out these photos!

during - trenching

Well the photos are causing me some grief right now!  But Day 1, most of the trenching is done, some tube is laid, the sod and dirt have been delivered, still no design, and things have changed from the discussion this morning to what was done by afternoon.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!