Pet/house sitting services

Our friend Kathy is looking for pet and/or house sitting opportunities. 
 I provide you with her references and contact info below. 
She indicates to us -  "...feel free to offer it to your ex-pat friends, especially if they have a beach home and need me to stay and love/exercise their dog on the beach for a week or so while they travel :)."
Please contact her directly if interested.

Kathryn Monahan – Pet Sitting Resume
Contact: or 970-764-5237

As a single woman, my pets are my family, and I need a petsitter to offer much more than feeding and watering and quick stop overs.  Kathryn treats my pets to a vacation while I'm away on vacation. She spends lots of quality time at my home, and I come home to calm, well-exercised dogs and a happy, well-loved cat. She offers the dogs physically and mentally stimulating walks on a daily basis, and the kitty lots of attention.  My home is safe and sound while I'm away, and clean when I return. I've used dozens of petsitters in my life, and Kathryn is one of the very best in every regard.  She gets a 5-star rating from me (and my pets). 

Ann Bond
Durango, Colorado


We have known Kathryn for many years.  Throughout this time, we have asked her on many occasions to take care of our furry friends, Ginger & Duffy.  In addition to caring for our pets, she would take care of our property as well.  This included our home, vehicles, landscape, etc. We have recommended her to many of our friends, who request her services on a regular basis.  She has always been honest, sincere and done exactly what was asked.  We highly recommend her for any pet/house sitting job.  Please feel free to contact us at the information provided

Jo                        Joanne and Paul Wade
D                         Durango, Colorado


H                    Having known Kathryn for many years, she agreed to be our petsitter (housesitter, but I don’t care about the house as much as my pets).  We were truly amazed at how dedicated she was to our pets (house) and how much they came to love her.  Even now when she stops by the dog greets her like a family member, the bird starts talking away to her like she lives there, and the fish – well, you know fish.  They probably all get more attention from her than from us!  We find our home is better than how we left it.  I have shot myself in the foot by referring her to others but she somehow still finds time to fit our family in.  I cannot say enough good things about Kathryn and I know anyone who uses her services will not be disappointed.  As a side note, I remember asking Kathryn to go to dinner one night while she was petsitting elsewhere; she couldn’t go because that particular dog was afraid of thunder and it was a stormy afternoon!  If that doesn’t show commitment (dog sitting vs. friends), I don’t know what does!

Rick and Joan Ehat
Durango, CO


Before Kathryn began pet/house sitting for us, we used to leave on vacation with a feeling of trepidation and a dash of guilt. Now, we know our furry loved ones will be treated at least as well, if not better, than if we’d never left. And I sometimes believe our cat may wish we’d stay away. But we do return, and always to a home that’s been well cared for. Kathryn is very personable to work with, but also impressively conscientious and professional. Recommending her to others is my first, significant non-selfish act of the New Year.

Caroline Arlen and Lars Morris
Durango, CO