¿Qué pasa?

Qué Pasa, roughly means What's Up? What's Happening?

So what's been up with me!  Well -

The 3rd Annual Spay n Neuter Campaign organized by Planned Pethood just ended.  It was 4 days at 2 different locations here in Merida, and 2 days in Progreso.  It was/is a fabulous event in which to be involved.

I just wrote a 'WrapUp, Thank You' report and posted it on the YAPA blog, you can read that here!

Our Cooking Group once again decided to cook for the Vets and Volunteers.  We've done this before to rave reviews.  We must be getting good because we shaved an hour off our prep time.  And again, there has been great response to the food we made.  I also did the Volunteer Coordination, and worked 2 days of the Clinics.  I am so out of shape - I do enjoy my lethargic sedentary life, but boy when I do get involved in something physical it takes its toll.

It was a tremendously rewarding experience for all involved.

And last week our housekeeper stopped by and quit!  OUCH!  Apparently her kids, ages 10 and 16 are needing a bit more parental supervision as their grades, and health are suffering.   Fine, whatever....No, I'm being intentionally snarky.  I understand that er kids come before cleaning my house.  But she's been here 3 years.  So I now need to find another housekeeper.

So I've been cleaning - ugh!  again, that sedentary lifestyle and physical activity just don't mix.

I've been trying to finish up with our annual immigration document renewal - my last appointment to pick up our docs, or so I thought, was this am.   NO! NOT! Didn't happen.  Our pictures, 3 full front, and 2 right side were not all in the same clothes. THE SAME CLOTHES!!!!  @^%@#)*$#@&$#,  so we need to get a new set of photos taken.   Whatever, Ni Modos!

I'm looking for a Ropero (aka Wardrobe) to use as a linen closet.  Right now I use plastic boxes, and they are stacked in the Guest Room, well actually they are all over the bed because that way they don't have to be moved every week for cleaning, Not an attractive look!

I need to get the garden paths laid with sod again, yes again!  The dogs use the pathways as a racetrack, and no - I don't want rock or cement, I only want grass!

I had a bunch of email communications with Belkin over a Surge Suppressor that BURNED up - in the end they asked for my address here and said they were going to send me a replacement - well it ended up at a friends house in the US. Great, more email communication with a Customer Service rep that doesn't or can't read my emails.  Yes, intentional snarkiness !!!!

I really need to get off my duff and find a car, something quite small and economical, an Atos, or Chevy, or Ka.

Oye, Too much to do, to much going on - Think I'll go read a book!

Tomorrow is Another Day!