Thank You Google - NOT!

So the last month I've been recruiting and scheduling Volunteers for the 3rd Annual Spay n Neuter Campaign here in Merida.   So far so good - I have Spreadsheets, broken down by day, and hourly, so as to track when and which Volunteer is coming and going - Very Schmantzy! - Lots of emails - LOTS of emails.  I do all this through our Animal Assistance Volunteer Group, Yucatan Ayuda Para Animales (YAPA).

Well last evening Google locked down our YAPA email address - Apparently our group isn't at least 13 years old; the minimum requirement to have an email address.  So here we are, yesterday was Day 2 of a 6 Day Campaign and I can't communicate with the Volunteers. 

I was SICK last night - I had a fear and dread based melt down - I mean REALLY - I made myself sick!   Thank You Google for your diligence in protecting me from myself!

OK so at least I had shared myself with ALL the Docs I had created in Google Docs! Or else no schedule matrix, no Position Instructions, No Directions and Maps to locations!

The worse part is I can't communicate with the Volunteers, I can't even get to the database, I can't let them know!

I made a letterhead for YAPA, and drafted a letter indicating that we are an all Volunteer group of mostly retired people doing what we do, blah, blah, blah, scanned my drivers license to it then emailed it. 

They have acknowledged receipt of my letter and will make a determination in 3 to 5 days!

Well at least, IF they let me have the account back I can send apologies and Thank Yous.

Well at least while I am working for the Clinics I'm not thinking about it!

That's a Good Thing!