Driving in Merida

Heather In Paradise posted a blog about her perceptions of things, the object of this perception for her was/is the sandwichon, read about it here

I was having this internal dialogue with myself just the other day.  Being from and having worked many years in Colorado I was accustomed to doing things considerably differently than I do the same things here.  For instance, and what got me thinking about this is/was driving.   

In and around Colorado many of the highways have speeds of up to 100mph.  In town speeds range from 25 to gosh, about 50 I guess.  I can't really remember.  But when we went somewhere we went fast! Period!

So the other day I was going somewhere here in town (Merida), and I started feeling like I was going really fast and I was wondering what/is my big hurry!  I looked down and I was doing 27mph. 27mph and I was telling myself to slow down.

Funny how things change!