recipe - calabaza frita

I have a stand by dish that is almost always found in my fridge.  This is such a fabulous and versatile dish that I can't not have it around -AND it's REALLY good!

Calabaza Frita - 

I use the green local scalloped edge squash, we (my Family) always called them patty pan squash, Tom's family called them elephant toes, I imagine your family had some other name for them - The green ones are used locally with great frequency, and in lots of dishes.   I love the texture and the slight sweetness of the squash, plus they hold up and don't turn to mush.

I use an equal amount of tomato and patty pan squash,  half the amount of onion, and at least one if not more cloves of garlic.  For the squash I tend to scoop out the seeds and pith from the centers and remove the tip n tail. Then just chop all the ingredients to similar size and start cooking over a low heat. I also add salt and pepper to taste as well as either habanero or jalapeno to taste. If I have cilantro I'll throw that in too.  I let this all simmer till cooked down and well mixed.

This is FABULOUS as a taco/burrito filling, I've stuffed zucchini with it, I've added rice to it and served as a casserole so it's good as a dinner dish, great mixed with pasta, run it through the blender or food processor for a chip dip, or if you just give it a good chop it's a lovely chunky dip.   I tell you the possibilities for this dish are endless.  Shoot, warm some stock, shred a bit of chicken and toss in a scoop of this and you have a fabulous soup, just top with a bit of fresh cilantro and some sour orange, or lime juice,  YUM!!!!
You also frequently find this served as a botana in bars, cocktelerias, and some restaurants.

This photo is of what is currently in my fridge.