Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenile de Yucatan, the performance!

So a short while back I posted about a free performance by the Youth Symphony Orchestra,  

Tom and I went and were really quite pleasantly surprised.  

They were fabulous.  

The guest clarinetist that we were expecting was not able to be there due to a family emergency. 
The young clarinetist, Cesar Anastacio Reyes Jimenez,  from the orchestra I believe did a fabulous stand in.  He really was excellent.

I highly suggest if you see the opportunity you go see them.

This particular show was a bit too long without an intermission. Apparently the previous show included and intermission, but for whatever reason they played straight through for the 2nd performance.

We heard Mozart's Magic Flute, 3 parts of VonWeber's Concert for clarinet and orchestra in F minor which included the clarinet solo, and then Beethoven's Symphony #6 "La Pastoral".  OUF, there really should have been a break.  It was an hour and a half in those god awful uncomfortable chairs.  

But the music was fabulous.