and the i's have it!

A number of my friends have had their eyes tattoo'd with permanent eyeliner.

I have very short, very thin eyelashes, and was constantly putting on eyeliners and or mascara.  During the summer this was always a problem, first because you sweat - A LOT!, and second because of getting in and out of the pool.  That shit stings when it gets in your eyes.

I checked with a few people, looked on the internet, and finally decided to go speak with a tattoo-ist about getting my eyes done.

Tom needed to go on an errand farther north of the tattoo-er so I had him drop me off.  
I had questions, and my agenda so I was ready to make myself an appointment.

Rick and I started talking, and when it got to the time to make an appointment he indicated he could do me right then and there!

Well, I wasn't quite ready for that, but decided to jump at the opportunity.  

Luckily I had taken this photo that morning;
my unadorned left eye!

OK, so we go up to his 'parlor', chat some more because I had sort of been toying around with wanting a green shade for the eyeliner - my eyes are green, and when surrounded, near, or adorned with green they become even more green.   I decided to stick with straight black, no light, barely perceptible shading, I wanted lines, similar to what I do for myself.

So first he cleans, and scrubs, and cleans some more - then he draws on the lines and I look and we talk, and I make a few changes, he redarws, we check and chat. Then he cleans some more.  Then he shows me the tools and opens the sealed steri-packs, and assures me that I am the only one that will be using, or has used the needle and the rubber guard that surrounds the apparatus.   Then he cleans some more, by now my eyes are getting a  bit irritated from the pressure, then he starts putting on an analgesic wipe, he waits a few minutes and starts.

I was surprised at out how quick it went.  I mean all told I was at the store for maybe an hour, and I bet the tattooing took maybe 20-25 minutes.  Was it painful?  No! It was really annoying, but trust me I have undergone stuff way more painful that this!   The toughest part is trying to keep your eyes open or closed depending on whether he is working on the upper or lower lid, and to keep your eyes still while this is happening.  Your natural response it to scrunch, and blink, especially because during the process bits of ink spray go in and you want to blink them out.  And then as he is wiping away the ink there is more pressure.

So this picture was taken maybe 3 hours after the procedure, we did a little shopping on the way home!  Glassy and bloodshot, but just a little bit swollen.

And this picture was taken 24 hours later. 

So that was done on the 20th of March - the peeling is finished, after tattooing there is light scabbing and that has all now peeled away.  The color has softened just a bit and I am really pleased with the outcome.

So now, the Tattooist

Ricardo Cortes Mena, aka Tattoo Rich
calle 16 #198a x 21 y 19
colonia Mexico Oriente
cel 999-221-3436

next project - full lip coloring,
 and then to get that extra weight removed from the upper lid.

Oh What I do for you my dear readers!  I've had Tom take a few closeups - it is against my better judgement, and definitely against any form of common sense - so before you go on you must promise me you will only look at the eyeliners, not the pores, wrinkles, age spots or sags!

Do you promise!  

OK, then here goes!

Now remember, you promised!