Scalloped Owlet butterfly - Opsiphanes quiteria caterpillar

Friends have had several of these caterpillars at their house.  I hadn't put much effort into identifying it;  Usually by the time I got home I had sort of forgotten about it.

Well this morning I found one in the bathroom at our house.  It was surrounded by little black pellets, which Tom identified as seeing frequently around the Areca Palms by the pool.  So we know we have more of them, and that they are feeding and transforming into butterflies right in our backyard.

It is a tough one to find much info on.

The butterfly photos I snagged from the internet, but the rest of the photos are mine.

photo credit: Anna Theodora
check out this link for all the variations in this butterfly!  Amazing

this link takes you to several field photos,  it is really amazing the differences in coloring. 

Makes me wonder how they can identify so many different ones as the same butterfly.

this shot was taken at the friends house

These photos were all taken here at my house

after we put it back outside

and we found a crysalis

maybe, if we are diligent, I can add a butterfly photo