Tepache - it's that time, again

About a year ago friend Jonna made Tepache - it was fabulous.

I tried making Tepache - it was terrible.

Then the vendors started passing, like this guy - His Tepache is/was fabulous also.  

Maybe I need to try again!

I'm starting to see the Tepache vendors again - 
pineapples must be abundant, and cheap!

I am fortunate in that I live in an older more traditional neighborhood where the vendors can and do still pass by selling stuff.  
I really love that! 
 I'm tuned in now and know most of the sounds, horns, bells, and calls! 

ummm, Tepache!

Tepache is a Fermented Pineapple Drink.

Sometimes made with alcoholic additives, 
sometimes not.
Last year my recipe called for beer. It was't very good. 

This year I'll leave out the beer and go with a non-alcoholic version.
  • 1 whole ripe pineapple, about 3 lb. chopped to bits
  • 12 - 16 cups water
  • about a pound (1/2 kilo) raw sugar or piloncillo
  • 1 3+ inch stick of cinnamon
  • 3 -5 whole cloves