Making candied ginger

There is a local, well there are several, but this particular local health food store is run by a friend, and she had received a big shipment of fresh organic ginger so I decided I wanted to make some candied ginger - I haven't actually found any to buy here.

So I tell her I want a kilo, and for what and we chat and she wants to make some too! 
So bonus, she'll bring mine and hers and come down and we'll make it together.

So we started with a kilo and a half of lovely fat ginger, we peel it, and chop it. Which was way tedious.

Then we boil it for about 30 minutes, and then drain off the liquid, which i kept and am drinking ginger tea like no bodies business.

Then we add a kilo of sugar, about a 1/2 cup of the ginger water, and the cooked ginger to the pot and start it simmering.  

Now we wait and watch, and stir, oh and we ate dinner during this part.

Then after oh, and hour or so, the syrup has reduced down and is going dry and starting to crystalize again.

Once it is really dry, and just starting to caramelize we dump it out on 2 baking sheets, and separate the pieces.

It turned out really well, the pieces are mostly dry and separate, and really tasty.