making caimito jam, err, jelly

I was gifted a bag FULL of beautiful, fresh, ripe caimitos.  I love caimitos, I've blogged about them before.  

I gave a small bag full to my neighbors and ate my fill the first day.

I had way to many to be able to eat, and was trying to think of something yummy to do with them; as good as they are there must be something more than just eating them fresh.    The internet doesn't come up with much;  But I did find a recipe for jam, equating caimitos to plums.   

Sounded good - Caimito Jam.

First thing was to wash, halve, scoop out the seeds, and then scoop the pulp into a pan.

then quite a bit of cooking, adding sugar, and squishing ensued.

 Caimitos have a resin that sort of dries out your mouth, and is a bit bitter.  To me the 'jam' was a no go - the pulp is too grainy and tough.  And the resin is way to powerful.

When I eat these I cut them in quarters, scoop out the seeds and just suck out the pulp.  I get very little, very little of the bitterness of the resin.

So I decided to squish out the juice and make a 'jelly'.   

This is the dry pulp.

Well to me it is still no good, but Tom is willing to give it a try.   Blech!

This is the jelly, twice sieved, but needs another sieving to get rid of some of the grittiness!

so caimitos, enjoy them fresh!