Going back in time

Once again I find myself affecting computer repairs, installations, re-installations, upgrades, drivers, deletes, and system setups.

Yesterday morning, while trying to prep my notes for a presentation to a class in a local colegio I got the Blue Screen, yes, I hear the collective intake of breath, you all know what that means.  And like 2/3's of you I don't make it a habit of doing backups.  

So there go all my notes, which made this my opening statement -

 Con frecuencia los niños de los Estados Unidos  utilizan la excusa de "mi perro se comió mi tarea 'cuando no tienen su tarea terminada. Hoy pensé que iba a tener que hacer la misma excusa, salvo por causa de mi computador. Tengo una vieja laptop, es un poco más de 8 años de edad. Así que esta mañana cuando he intentado abrirlo para trabajar en esta presentación todo lo que vi fue la pantalla azul, y todos ustedes saben lo que eso significa. Me llevó varias horas y finalmente, en ser capaz de enviar este archivo a mí mismo. Se tomó mucha de la persistencia y la creatividad para poder encontrar la manera dehacerlo. La creatividad y la innovación son de vital importancia en TODOS los aspectos de nuestras vidas, todos los días tenemos que ser capaces de ver un proyecto o tarea y decidir cuál es la mejor manera de ...

 In the United States kids frequently use the excuse 'my dog ate my homework' when they do not have their homework completed.  Today I make the same excuse, except because of my computer.  I have an old laptop, it is just over 8 years old.  So this morning when I tried to open it up to work on this presentation all I saw was the blue screen, and you all know what that means.   It took me several hours of trying to finally get in to be able to send this one file to myself.  It took a look of persistence, and creativity to be able to figure out how to do it.  Creativity and innovation are vitally important in ALL aspects of our lives, Everyday we must be able to see a project or task and decide what is the best way to ...

The presentation was on using Creativity and Innovation in problem solving of of our daily lives
Well, you see where I am going with this - Once before this same computer (which I purchased second hand back in 2007 or 2008) was giving me fits and that is what caused us to purchase both a new desktop laptop (in 2009, which Tom uses), and this handy little netbook that I am now using to compose this post.

I did manage, after the presentation this morning, more on that later, to push my docs, photos, and a few other things over to an external harddrive.  So I decided rather than try to figure out the problem I would just do a restore to factory defaults and see if it is software rather than hardware.  So while I am composing this I am also updating and installing stuff on the old laptop.  We'll see, fingers, toes, and legs crossed.

OK but don't feel sorry for me, it's not like I'm not top heavy on electronics - we have the big laptop, this netbook, an ipad2, a kindle, and now an ipod touch - I'm flush - It's just so much easier on a regular laptop, I mean, my wrist already, in just this short post is feeling the strain.

Oh, the title - the laptop is/was from 2004, so the restore disk is taking it back to 2004 setups, OMG the updates and drivers and things I am having to go get and install, and the graphics, it's really quite funny, it all looked so slick and cool, Way Back Then!