restaurant review - burrito stand at 64a y 77

Not to long ago, a friend and neighbor mentioned a new little eatery, well maybe eatery isn't quite the right word, but she mentioned a new place in the neighborhood serving up, among other things some pretty good burritos. 

 We are in a serious hot spell right now which means I am on a no-cooking kick, well maybe not NO cooking, but definitely minimal cooking. So the other night we decided to walk up and see if we could find this new little eatery. 

et voilà 

At the corner of calle 64A and 77 in what was once, among other things recently, a pharmacy and doctors office, there is now this fabulous little 'Local Eatery'.  

The Couple that own it/run it are from the Yucatan, having just returned to Mexico about 4 months ago, they had spent the last 8 years in Seattle, WA. He was a cook at a restaurant there called Mazatlan.  He does speak English, however we conversed in Spanish.  

The place is small, 2 table of 6 chairs each; 
seems much of their business is take away.

He is making some fairly non-traditional for Yucatan items; American style breakfast, burritos, etc

And now - the burritos!
you can get your choice of beef, pork, or chicken, and I'll wager you could get vegetarian.

This above is Tom's burrito above; we ordered the same thing but mine, below is without dairy.

We each ordered the chicken burrito - shredded chicken, sauteed peppers and onions, beans, rice, and the red sauce similar to an enchilada sauce I make was fabulous.  

These burritos really are quite good and I sincerely hope we can help keep these people here and earning enough to make it worth their while.  
So we each had a bottled tea, served in big glasses with ice and lime slice, and our burritos - for the whole deal, 70pesos!

UMMMMM, Yummy!