restaurant review - Punta del Mar

We were recently invited to join a friend for seafood - unfortunately her partner HATES seafood, and in most cases won't even go in a seafood establishment; some deep seeded childhood fishing tragedy story to be told there!  
(note to self: Must Investigate)

Regardless, BONUS for us - 
we of course said yes!  and we offered to drive - 
Yeah, we're just like that!

So this new, well new to us place is called, yeah, you guessed it from the Header - 

Punta del Mar 

here's the frontage, this little taco truck

and the front patio and entrance

their cute logo!
calle 18 #117 x 5 y 7
fracc. Montecristo (nextdoor to Bryans restaurante)
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 to 1800

This is not your standard little fish taco stand - the food here is upscale and gourmet quality,  the presentation is beautiful, the serving sizes are smallish, but then so are the prices.

The restaurant itself is really quite cute and fresh looking, turquoise and white wicker, little stainless steel buckets as hanging planters, those big tissue paper ball lights in turquoise and white, little blue plastic sandbuckets  are used to serve the tostadas' some very cute details.

cute little logo graphic along one wall

Although I must say my impression also was that things are well worn, not in a warm and comfy sort of way, but in a getting a little shabby kind of way.  Now this did absolutely nothing to hinder my enjoyment or appreciation of the experience, it's just my impression; like seeing someone in a very expensive outfit, but noticing that the sleeves are thread bare.

You can see in to the kitchen, it is small and there were several people in there but everything looked fairly neat and clean.  There appears to be a small bar on the front patio, oh there is aire conditioning inside!

This is the VERY clever menu
I'm sure that last 'P' was once an 'R'

OK - so on to the food! 

this is the cangreburger, so essentially a crabcake burger,  this was/is awesome, a very asian fusion kind of flavor, I could probably eat 3 of these guys.

fish tacos, these were good, but I wouldn't order them again, the just didn't stand out or make an impression.

the smoke tuna taco - again, good, but well there are other better things! 

the shrimp empanada, which was liked very much!

and this, this is essentially a ceviche, I can't remember how it is called, but oh I could just drink this but the cup full.  There are 2 sauces to choose from, we chose the first one on the list, it is cool, and creamy and spicy, and just DEEEEELISH!  The chunks of raw fish (mero) were just too big and thick for me to enjoy.  But oh this sauce!

I would recommend anyone that enjoys

 seafood to check this place out - 

the food is really good!