I can hear you but I can't understand you! WHY? We're speaking the same language!

Our hot water heater went out a about a month ago!  We thought it was under warranty as it is only 3 years old.  However, this one was a replacement for one that went out about 3 years ago and it WAS under warranty.

Apparently the warranties are for YOU to have a FUNCTIONING water heater, not for the water heater itself.  Our warranty was 4 years, and this one failed outside of that 4 year time frame.  Ni Modos!

Anyway, we've been managing, just barely for me with the water from the cistern.  Our cistern is underground so the water is pretty darn cool.  I rush through a shower, never standing fully under but dashing in and out - and nothing has been shaved in a while - I need me some hot water!

This morning Tom went and bought a new calentador de agua.  Now this is where the point of this story comes in.

We need an installer, a plumber.

Our homeowners insurance apparently will pay the first 500pesos on any household emergency such as the water heater springing an irreparable leak.

So I called the 01-800 number and engaged in a conversation that got me frustrated to the point of wanting to throw the phone.  I do OK with my Spanish, even on the phone I do OK.  I could not understand this woman, and she could not understand me.  I don't know where this call center was but I don't think she was speaking Spanish.

Later I called our regular plumber, just to get a price for installation, for comparison, now he and I understood each other throughout the entire conversation, even to the point of inquiring after life, family, and home.

What the Heck is up with that? We're speaking the same language.  Why can't we understand each other?