An outsider view

I have friends who live in Ajijic, near Lake Chapala in Jalisco, MEXICO.  They used to live here.
In order to find out a bit more about where my friends were moving I looked up some blogs from that area.  
One of the blogs I found belongs to Jim and Carole.  

Jim and Carole travel. They blog about their travels. The research and detail they put in to their blog posts about their travels is absolutely amazing, and makes them must reads for areas you plan to visit.

I learned so much about the Yucatan, and Merida by reading their travel posts; Made me feel quite uninitiated to Merida, like an outsider, when in fact I've lived here for 6+years.  Just goes to show, there's always something new around the corner. 

This past winter Jim and Carole came through Merida - You can read about their travels in Merida here.

I hope you find their info and photos as interesting as I do.
I've learned alot!

Thank you Jim and Carole!