Friday night, 6 July 2012 - Zambra Flamenco, Granada

Friday night, 6 July - Zambra Flamenco, Granada

We went to a Zambra Flamenco show, this is not the traditional Flamenco we are mostly familiar with.

There seems to be a bit more of a bohemian, wildness to it. What impressed me, or made me take note was the emotion of the women as they danced, then once the dance ended it was like they reverted to their other everyday selves; as if during the dance they are transported and are channeling some long ago ancestor.

There was a guitarist, a fabulous guitarist. And five women, each performed as leads and as backup several times during the evening. The only other instruments were castanets, and the hands and voices. The clapping was pure percussion, and quite resounding, the voices were loud, and intense and full of angst, passion, emotion, and quite bad. I mean I am so sorry to say this but none of these women would make it on American Idol except on the Bad Reel.
The voices were really bad, but the songs, the singing, the passion and emotion that played throughout the performance was awesome. We really enjoyed the evening, and would definitely suggest that you go.

Ok, so here are some pics of the evening - oh, we went on a package from the hotel, they pick you up, you stop and get others, then as part of the drive up the SacraMonte you stop at an overlook for a few minutes view of the sunsetting over the city.