Real Life in Mérida!

There's a new kid in town, and he's invited me to play in his sandbox.

Arturo is a Yucatecan, that spent a lot of years in the USofA, and then returned to his home neighborhood of Santiago in Mérida, Yúcatan, México.

His newest venture, Real Life in Mérida, Is a photo, video, blog, and personal story webpage about, yes, you guessed it, Mérida. His intent is to tell about Mérida from his Yucatecan point of view.

What he asked me to do was to write about my everyday experiences, as an extranjera, to help bring awareness of my life in this city and also to open up a new consciousness in people.

So check it out, let Arturo know hat you think, make suggestions, send him your ideas!

Here's a great link to a story about Arturo and his Real Life in Mérida adventure