Leaving on a jet plane

We're coming home, and oh we are so ready to come home!

Although, it is going to be a bit of an adjustment.

We left Mérida 26 June, 
and have been on the road, across the ocean, over yonder, and across hill and dale, and up the river.

We spent most of the time in areas with very low humidity, and this past week in Houston with only, yes, only, about 50% humidity. So adjusting back to the supersaturated summer months of Merida will take a little time. Add to that this past week we have spent 90% of our time in airconditioning, and people in Houston like it cold.

It's going to take a bit but we're up to the challenge. Oh how we've missed our puppies, and our cat Tatie, but especially the pups.

Tomorrow, we wake up in Merida, I'm so excited!

We have quite a few trips planned over the next few months, but short trips, 5+ weeks is a long time!


  1. Yes, five weeks IS a longggggg time. I'm looking forward to some of that dry Colorado heat myself LOL! I'm sure the puppies will love having you home. Welcome Back!


    1. Oh stop it! The humidity is good for your skin!

  2. Even though I will only be away from Melaque for two wees on this trip, I am already steeling myself for the humidity difference. We have had temperatures in the 80s in Bend, but the humidity has been 11%. That is a bit too dry for me. But I will most likely miss it when I get back to Mexico.

  3. After just a few minutes of moving the bags around and making he bed last night and we were both sweating up a river. Oh it's good to be home. For your trip, don't forget your chapstick. My lips were so dry and cracked, and handcrem, don't forget handcream