Saturday, 7 July 2012 - day trip to Córdova or Córdoba, as you please

Saturday, 7 July 2012 - Córdova, day stop only

Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am, that's how we treated Córdoba

We caught the 9am train in Granada and made it to Córdova in good time.  We walked across to the bus station as Rick suggests and stowed our backpacks in the lockers found there. Upon return in the afternoon we found lockers in the train station.   FYI - the  lockers/consignas at the train station are across from the car rental agencies. I neglected to go in and see how much they are. They are 4€ at the bus station; both our packs fit into one locker.

 We took off, following Rick's simple, but not completely thorough instructions and found the bus in to Centro.  We went to the Mezquita. I must say I was more impressed by this site than Rick was,  as was Tom. 
 For the Bus - When you leave either the bus or train station, and if you are standing with one at your back and the other directly in front of you, you walk in the direction of the one way traffic till you get to the cross street, cross and wait for a number 3, tell the drver youare going to the Mezquita and ask him to tell you when to get off.

Córdova/Córdoba is lovely, I'd like to spend more time there. It is calm, comfortable, lovely, with beutiful old buildings, fun twisty turning narrow passage ways.  The large river is underdeveloped and under maintained which is quite a shame.  We walked across the old Roman bridge. From the bridge
 you could see walking/biking paths on the side opposite the 'old' side. This natural space, if developed could bring in a lot more tourism. I think birders for sure would come.