Sunday, 8 July - day of rest, in Spain

Sunday, 8 July - day of rest

I told Tom when we started this trip that we had to have a few 'down' days worked in. Those of you that know us, know, Tom is mistier go go go, and I' m more, well le'ts think about this, make a plan.  He wants to go in every site,  see everything, I want to walk the streets and the parks.

So today was our down day.  If it weren't for the fact that we changed rooms and moved a floor higher and lost our wifi signal I might not have left the room at all.  I'm trying to give my legs  and feet a break. We've been on the go alot, 98% of the time standing, climbing stairs, and walking.

Our room yesterday had a tub so I took a nice hot bubble bath and that sure helped!  Plus I had the opportunity to give myself a mini pedi.  Add to that,that we went out about 10 last night for dinner and had a good recommendation from the hotel clerk, Jaime., we ate a big meal  and dank a bottle  of Crianza, and got back to the room and to bed about midnight30.

I had hoped to get all caught up on the past few days blogs, but without the wifi...well pfui... so I am writing the text in Notes, then I go down to the lobby, and post and add a few photos. Then back to the room.  Blogging with the ipad and the new Blogsy app is tedious, and not nearly so much fun. Ugh, add to that the crappy bandwidth signal, that drops  me, and all my work, mrrrrggghhhhhhhh.

So, today as been relax day, hand wash some laundry day, thanks for he clothesline and clips Marianne, some basic fluff n buff things, and we're ready to see Sevilla tomorrow.  

We've decided to take the 3pm bus from Seville to Lisbon on Tuesday. So should get in to Lisbon about midnight.   
I love bus and train travel, you get to see so much.