What's worse than raining cats and dogs ? Hailing Taxis!

We got home after our extended travels just in time for Ernesto and Florence, Ernesto should start to be felt Tuesday, he'll be pushing clouds and wind in front of himself.

If he continues along the current projected path we should have a better idea what to expect by Tuesday.  We're in pretty good shape!  A few years ago we were away when a TS/Hurricane was bearing down and we hadn't planned or prepared anything and the friends watching the house were left in a bit of a lurch.

Not anymore!   
We now have easily installed window coverings for the back of the house that doesn't have any glass, and a cover for the ceiling opening inside the house.  The bodega has been recently cleaned and reorganized so there is plenty of room for the garden art and patio furniture.  We've been keeping the trees trimmed so hopefully they won't be pushed over.

Florence doesn't look like she'll pose any threat for us as she seems to be on a different path, but we'll be watching her as well.

Both Merida and this house have weathered many a storm, and I daresay we will all weather this one as as well.  We've got water, canned beans and tuna, cereal and milk, all is good!