The crazy things you bring home from trips abroad

We got home last night a little after 11pm. It was SO good to see the dogs, and they were so excited to see us, like springboards, they jumped up and down and did quick turns to jump up and down again. Oh and the Tatie cat seemed pleased to see us as well, in his - I am cat, way!

And of course we were very happy to see our friend, and housesitter Gary as well. Once the ruckus died down we started to unzip and open bags, Tom was anxious to see how a long cookie sheet I bought made it - he was sure it would be bent. Gary gave us an odd look and inquired, can't you buy cookie sheets here? Why, yes, yes you can. The last time I bought one it was 120pesos (about 10dollars) and not nearly as good quality. The one I brought set me back about 3bucks, is good and heavy, and it is coated so maybe it won't rust out in a years time.

Might seem silly to some, but not those of you that live here.

So these are a few of our treasures, The rest of the stuff, that aren't clothes or shoes, are food goods; grits, braggs liquid aminos, kimchi chili, steel cut oats, dried seaweeds, you know, just a few luxury items I can't find here.