a rant

I'm totally pissed and about to go on a rant, so if you don't want to hear negative things about living here in Merida you should leave now!

I had a number of things planned to get done at the house today.

  • I have a gardener that comes every other Thursday; he mows the grass, weeds whatever I've missed and does limb trimming and hole digging as needed.  I tend to do work in the garden while he is here. Today is his day to be here.
  • I had planned to get a load of laundry washed and hung out. 
  • A friend was to stop by at 9.  
  • I have Spanish class from 12:30 to 2, 
  • Mimi is coming to trim dog nails, 
  • and we're going to friends tonight for dinner and cards.  A full day!

I woke this morning with a killer headache and all congested in the head - no big deal, I can work through that.

The gardener didn't show, and didn't call, and might not show up at all, or he could show up next week, ni modos!

Neighbors are burning stuff, persistently, and I am now sequestered in the office with the a/c on because the smoke is so bad that it has caused my asthma to flare, I can't breathe, my chest hurts, and my throat is closing up.  Probably they started early and that is why I woke with a headache

The friend that came suggested to write a note describing my problem with the smoke, making copies, and giving it to all the neighbors.  I have explained my problems with our next door neighbor, with whom we are on friendly terms, to no avail.  Still it might be a good idea.

I didn't get the laundry done, good thing, I'd have had to re-wash.

I am missing my Spanish class because of the headache and difficulty breathing, I just can't bear the thought of getting dressed and getting there, much less trying to concentrate, in a foreign language.

It's been illegal to burn trash here for years, but, well......  You can call the bomberos, and the health department about burning, but you have to know the address.  And for the most part the frontages are solid walls and it's very difficult to know from exactly where the smoke is coming.

So they are still burning, hours later, I am a prisoner!

I HATE it!   What can I say or do to get my neighbors to understand??????

Would this be happening if I lived farther North in an area of more prosperity, with the assumption/presumption of higher education, understanding, environmental conscientiousness?

who knows, it is what it is!