A Rotten Apple

OK, I'm pissed again!   I have both an iPad, and an iPod Touch.  I got both for very specific reasons, not just for, but because of Google Maps, YouTube, and several other really cool apps that I love.

Well Apple just pushed out their update to their operating system, and guess what?  They have removed both Google Maps and YouTube from the machines that accept and install the update to iOS 6.  So far I haven't, Luckily for me I was warned by others not so fortunate as me, those eager beavers!

And it's a shame, because there are some really cool updates included in iOS6.

Apparently Apple is removing Apps that are not 'theirs'!  Well that's just BULLSHIT! I mean have you seen their Maps App, an embarrassment to say the least.  I mean give people an option! I need Google Maps, I mean have you seen the paper maps here in Merida?  Horrible!  In fact I don't even know if Apple Maps does Mexico!

Should I inadvertently update to the new iOS I want my money back on both devices - they would then not do what I bought them to do.

I need Google Maps, NEED Google Maps! - I like YouTube, ok I knew about Flashplayer and was willing to accept that - But Not This!

I looked online and can't find a Corporate email to send a message - So APPLE  CEO and Directors, Be advised, we are not happy, not happy in the least!