Teleférico de Madrid, Spain

El Teleférico de Madrid is a cable car or aerial tram.  

It's departure point is on  Paseo del Pintor Rosales, close to the Templo de Debod and soars over houses, the river, the railroad tracks, the highway, and parks to Calle Cerro Garabita in Casa del Campo. 

It was one of the things I seen in my research on fun things to do in Madrid, that I wanted to do.

And it was fun, first, you have to understand that I have issues with heights, they make my knees go all wobbly, and cause my heart to race and my vision to narrow.  But I like to force myself into situations involving height so that I remain in control.

So we decide to go to the  Teleférico  one afternoon and take off mid day from our hotel.  We walk and stop and sightsee along the way.  One of the things we came across was the Templo de Debod.

We get to the  Teleférico  location and find we have an hour to wait for them to reopen.  Their hours are quite difficult to figure out and change frequently due to season.  So off we go again to explore.  We found a great little neighborhood restaurant/bar and went in.  It was great, we shared a meal, had a few beers, and got back to the  Teleférico  and bought our tickets.

We get into the staging area where the cars come and go; we stand behind the black line till our car stops and the attendant motions us in - 

we enter the car, sit, and what do I see, we are in car number 

Not to worry, I am in control!

All the drama aside, the ride was awesome, amazing views - 

this is an amusement park on the Cas de Campo side


and on the Casa de Campo side there is a snack bar that makes great smoothies, 
walking trails, and wildlife. 

A very fun afternoon!