do as I say, not as I do!

My everyday dishes, heck even when we have company over, are typically the red clay 'barro' dishes.  

I even use cazuelas for a great deal of my cooking.   
Cazuelas are barro pots

Now I know better, and I frequently advise others - 
never put barro in the microwave.

But oh heck, it was just going to be a few seconds to defrost some frozen blueberries for my cereal.

This is why you don't put barro in the microwave.  

Barro is porous, has air pockets, air pockets hold moisture, moisture expands and causes the air pockets to explode   

Damn, my blueberries are ruined!


  1. Bummer chica but thanks for the science lesson. I will NOT put my barro in the microwave. Wait, no worries!! We don't own a microwave! :-) Sorry your blueberries were ruined.

  2. Luckily I have/had more blueberries, and those bowls inexpensive, so no great loss, guess I shouls buy a few bowls that are microwave safe!

  3. Oh no! Such a pretty little bowl, too.

    Where do you buy them? I'd like to get some for our place but haven't ever seen them anywhere.

    1. Oh my Barb, there are quite a few places to get them, if you'll be here in November the feria at Xmatkuil is the best, else there are a number of stores, I just don't have addresses.
      one is at 64x65 Centro I think
      at las cazuelas ay 7 x 59 in pensiones
      gosh, there are lots more, but these are where I go, oh and on tecnologia, north up by the cem school.

  4. Thanks, Debi. I've written this info in my little notebook that I carry with me when we're there. Hopefully I can find some.