Immigration Renewal 2012

9 November brought in to play the new Immigration law. Just, the law, no actual procedures, interpretations, guidelines or training for the INM agents.

Tom stopped in at INM on Thursday to get the list of things required for the renewal process. He was informed that he'd have to return Friday because the law  changed that day and the list of needs isn't available until after the new laws go in to place.

Friday morning I went online and filled out the online forms for both Tom and me to renew our immigration documents, we gathered together everything we felt we needed based on ALL the discussion that we've read and heard.  Our thought process was to show all this 'stuff' and see what panned out.

We arrived at INM about 10:45.  No lists of requirements are available.  The process now, at least here in Merida, and as of last Friday at about 11am is that you show up early, queue up, get your number to get inside, and wait.  When you get inside you meet with an agent who will explain the new process, advise you, and then they will tell you what you need.

So, we've reviewed everything we can find, and we've gathered everything that we think we'll need regardless of which designation they/we determine we'll need and we'll take all that with us tomorrow morning when we get in line outside INM's gates at about 7:30am.

More later!