Immigration Renewal 2012, part2

So 7:30am found me sitting on the ledge to the Immigration office,  9am they opened the gates, and we were #13.

Got in to see the Agent fairly quickly -

Point 1 - You CAN NOT renew prior to 30 before the expiration of your current Visa.

Point 2 - We are going for Residente Permanente (Permanent Resident) Status (these are what we were told we would need, your experience could be different)

  • On the on-line form, select these options
    • Que desea hacer? = Cambio de Condicion de Estancia
    • Especifique = Cambio de condicion de residente temporal a residente permanente
    • input your NUE (you find this on your current Visa), and the form fills itself out the rest of the way.
  • What do we need to turn in?
    • The completed online form
    • copy of current visa (take your original)
    • copy of passport pages (take your original)
    • copy of fidecomiso, if you own a house - note: if you are a couple both parties have to have the fide copies (take your original)
    • copy showing payment of fidecomiso, if you own a house (take your original)
    • a most recent utility bill with your correct address, the same address as on your INM form.
    • proof of income, the equivalent of 500 days of minimum salary in DF - 31,165peso, however, since we own our house, and can show our fidecomiso, that amount is cut in half, then with the peso to dollar conversion, today using about 13pesos per dollar, monthly for the past 6 months
    • photos, size infantil, 2 front, 2 side
  • What will be need to pay?
    • per person is 1000pesos for paperwork processing
    • per person, for us - 3815pesos, for a 10-year visa.

ok, that's what I know - today!  could be different tomorrow