Merida English Library's 1st Annual self-guided ARTIST STUDIO TOUR!

I'm really excited to be the first to bring you this really cool opportunity for art lovers here in Merida!

Merida English Library's 1st Annual self-guided 


This will be a once-a-year opportunity 
to visit and talk with 13 artists in the intimacy of their studios!

Event Date is March 9, 10am to 3pm

tickets are 200mx,  
and are available along with the list of Artists'  names and the map at MEL.

Merida English Library
calle 53 x 66 y 68, Centro
M-F, 9-1,  Sat 10-1

All proceeds will benefit the Merida English Library programs.

Merida English Library facebook page

pass the word, tell your friends!