Seven years and counting

February 2, 2006 Tom and I, our two cats and a Toyota pickup stuff to the brim pulled in to Merida, well moved to Merida.

We had old off our stuff in the States, packed what we could in to the pickup and hit the road, we took 5 days to get here.  The cats were not happy. Neither was I.  I had had rotator cuff surgery and was still in cast and sling, unable to help drive, and all around miserable and uncomfortable; add to that the truck was overheating and we couldn't use the a/c so had to  have the windows open the whole way, noisy, windy, hot, uncomfortable; but when I saw the signs as we entered Merida that all melted away.

There's a lot more to say about the transitions, but well today is a busy busy day so it will have to wait!

I still can't believe it's been 7 years!