Ruby - puppy looking for a home!

yesterday, 3 January, I was walking home and was just a block or so from my house and I saw this puppy go dash across the street narrowly being missed by a car.  She ran up to a young couple standing by the mercado, the guy grabbed her up and was kind of handling her roughly, but she wasn't acting or reacting  in fear or pain so I was ok.

Next thing, the dog sees me and comes dashing across the street, again, this time really close to a passing vw.  She then dashes back across the street to the couple.  I too cross to speak to them.  The dog isn't theirs.  Great, I ask 2 more times, is the dog theirs, do they know where the dog lives, no they don't.

So, what could I do, I grabbed her up and carried her home, she's happy, tail wagging, covered in feces, her feet and up her legs are really covered, she reeks, and she is crawling with fleas.  Great!  And she's licking me, I hate to be licked in the face, blechhhhhh.

So, first order of business, bath, and flea treatment.  Then food.  
Gads, she inhales food, Really! she inhales it!

So she is absolutely street stupid, has no clue about cars.  She is totally a people dog, she is so playful and affectionate.

She went to the vet today, and has been treated for parasites, both internal and external.  She weighs in at 10.7k, and is just about 6 months old.

She is adorable! And friendly, and affectionate, and smart.  
And she could be yours!

please if you or someone you know is interested please contact me  - debiinmerida at gmail dot com