my new old yucatecan plated car!

So now I have a Yucatecan plated car.   When I bought the car, at christmas time, my migratory documents were in Immigration being renewed.  And although I have good clear copies of both sides of the card and the letter from Immigration stating that they had the card, I could not change ownership of the car.  Ni Modos.  I was told just to come back when I got my card.  The fact that the lady I bought the car from would be out of country was unimportant, I just needed copies of her id and utility bill.

So about a week ago I finally got my new Immigration card, Residente Permanente.  Now I need to go change the ownership of the car.  And along with this yucatecan plated car come a whole slew of new things to learn and do - tramites!    EEEEEschhhhhhhhhk!   I hate tramites.

So I have to find out about:

  • Tenencia (taxes), I don't think I owe any since the car is 11 years old, 
  • Tags, they don't need to be changed yearly, but I don't really know or understand  the renewal process, 
  • Tarjeta de Circulation, what the heck is this, I have one, but don't know what it is or how often to renew it!  
  • Car insurance, the car had several months left on its policy so I'm good there, and her agent is my agent, so that's easy!  Here car insurance stays with the car!

ah well this kind of thing is supposed to help keep me from getting alzheimers, or dementia.....
maybe I should just learn french, that's supposed to work too!

oh, and I need to go get my yucatan drivers license, OMG, will it never end?