something wicked this way comes...

we've been experiencing about a week of 100 degree Fahrenheit weather.  Completely out of the normal range for here in Merida, for this time of year.  It's still February for crying out loud!

We were just talking yesterday, and we're going to have to stop making our own ice cubes early this year and start buying the bags if this keeps up!


  1. I thought something was up, we pulled in on ADO a few days ago and have boiled everytime we walk out the door. We are renting a car tomorrow and heading for a beach.
    We tried the bus travel idea this year with somewhat mixed results. We had to sneak out of Palenque on a second class bus because an ADO bus has crunched a kid and there was a big protest at their station. We have been in Latin America for months so we have hot and cold cloths with us(too much baggage)a real slog at times. We will do it different next winter but trying the buses was not all bad, we met some nice folks. We'll have a car for the rest of it except one last run to Cancun next week. And man I hope the weather breaks.

  2. Ouch! What is the deal with the ice cubes? Too hot to make your own?

    1. when its killer hot we go through them too fast so buy the big bags! our 4 little trays just aren't enough in the summer, but winter is no problem.

  3. Weather it's going crazy, it's so cold in Hermosillo right now! By this time of the year we usually wear short sleeve.


  4. Yikes! We have had a warm winter, as well, in Melaque. But not 100. I may have to put off my archaeological trip to Yucatan until later in the year.

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