getting my Yucatan drivers license, part 1

Starting this past Monday I had go get Drivers License on my calendar.  It kept getting moved as other seemingly more important things came up.

Today, after 3 moves, I went!

The ladies at the Information Desk, once they could take a break from their jokes and conversation, and after inquiring if I had my comprabante de domicillo,  my immigration documents, my passport, was I renewing or getting a new license... informed me that the system was down and that I should come back on Tuesday, or the 21st, or maybe the 28th, they were just having a hoot!  Ni Modos!

Since I had already driven 30+ minutes to get there - and since there was a big book fair going on I decided to step in. Today must have been school group day. I enjoyed looking around, I enjoyed all the books and displays.  Sometimes I enjoyed being gawked at by the kids.

I bought a few books - three 7-10 year old level stories that used some verb tenses I'm not so good with, might help, you never know! I bought a small libretto named "Leyendas de Yucatan", again, trying to increase my conjugation level.  And I purchased a book "Testimonios de Mujeres Mexicanas", which is frank and sincere confessions of women, mostly how they tried freeing themselves from bad relationships, lack of schooling, poverty, etc.  I actually was reading some in Volume II, and was understanding it, so decided to buy but then bought Volume I, because it must be good if they made a volume II; and I do tend to be an optimist.

I drove around in some areas of town I am unfamiliar with, drove a good ways on the Periferico, which was great fun, and stopped for lunch.

So anyway, I'll try to get my drivers license next week, and now I have something to read while I wait!