washing machine for sale, located in Merida, Centro!


I am selling my washing machine (aka lavadora)!

It is an EASY brand (which is made by MABE), model LIE11400PB, 
11kg capacity, id sistema 4.0, lavado inteligente.
  It has the glass top so you can see what's happening! 
 I must admit, after the first load or two I didn't take much advantage of this feature.

I did disable the lid locking feature for while the cycle is on. Once we started to acquire dogs, we are currently hosting four,  I had to start washing dog beds, dog blankets, and rugs.  Top loaders tend to not like bulky loads like this and they sometimes go off balance.  I disabled the locking lid so that when the machine went out of balance I could open the top and redistribute the load.  This is a Smart machine, and has a built in function so that when the load goes out of balance it will slow down, add more water, and restart until balance is achieved - I am impatient, therefore rather than deal with the out of balance act I frequently took these big bulky items to the laundromat.

This machine was purchased at Chapur in late 2007, I no longer have the receipt, but that date seems about right.  It works just fine, but I've now purchased a front loader so I no longer need to either deal with the out of balance or lug those big bulky items to the laundromat.  There is some rust starting around the edge where the top portion of the machine sits down over the base.  It comes with all the hoses.  Oh, we have a water softening system so there is no scale/sarro/mineral buildup!

 here are the photos of the controls so you can see the different functions available.

on this shot you can see the rust around the top section.

2000pesos, firm!