getting my Yucatan drivers license, part 2 and 3

If you choose you can refresh your memory of 'getting my Yucatan drivers license, part 1' here!

Having pushed my return date to go take my tests for my drivers license off for a few days, there always seems to be something more important going on - I finally managed to get up to Siglo XXI.  I turned in my paperwork; copies and originals of my immigration card, my passport and my comprobante de domicillo, and waited.  When I was finally called, I had to answer a few simple questions, any serious illness, allergies, need glasses, blood type, etc. I took the eye exam, was returned my original documents and then was directed back out to wait some more.  Then I was called in to take my written test
The problem with people always telling you how good your spanish is is that sometimes you believe them.  So when confronted with taking my written test in spanish or english I chose spanish.  I mean many people have said how bad the english translation is.  So I tried my test in spanish, and failed.  I just didn't know what too many of the words were. So completely defeated, deflated, and upset with myself, I tucked tail and left with my slip of paper and instructions to return tomorrow!  I almost decided to not tell you that I failed the first time.  That was yesterday!

anyway, today I returned to Siglo XXI and was able to bypass the lines and go directly to the testing area.  Today, I took it in English!  The translations are bad, but at least even in bad english I could reason out what I thought they were asking.  I passed.  The driving test, a parallel park, was easy.  Then back inside - and wait.  then pay (365pesos), get the foto taken, and in just a very few minutes the card.

I now have my yucatecan drivers license.  whoop, whoop, hands in the air, whoop, whoop!