so pretty, look at my new washer!

oh so pretty! just look at my pretty new front loading washer.   I used to have to run big bulky loads of dog beds, dog blankets, and rugs to the laundromat because they threw my top loading washer out of balance (you can read about that here)

Now I have this, no more out of balance, although it does move around a little bit.  
These machines frequently come with an option to purchase base that lifts the machine 12 - 15 inches off the floor.  There was not one available when I purchased this machine, so Tom had to build me one.  It's fabulous, just the right height, and this one will be easy to clean under, so all around a bonus.  He did however put silicone glides on the bottom.  Ah well, keeps life interesting!

you can't tell but there are two dog blankets, a towel, and 3 rugs in the machine - this would have been 2 loads in my old machine!