My Blogging Days are dwindling

My Blogging Days are dwindling.  

I just can't seem to find the motivation.  I don't think I'll shut it down, I just will quit stressing over not blogging.  And only post when something seems right.

I know things will come up - I just find myself promoting things more than blogging these days.  In  fact I know I'll soon be posting again about the foster dogs, Lili and Rubi.  They both need to find homes, and soon.  It's getting harder and harder with our dogs,  we're constantly breaking up skirmishes!

So I guess I just need to see myself say it out loud, that I'm not going to worry so much over having not posted

I just looked, and I've had nearly 225,000 page hits.  
My first post was November 2007, that does not include the stuff I posted on Tom's blog prior to creating my own.  
I guess I've just run out of steam.